It is a pleasure to personally welcome you and to thank you for visiting Real Taxi Brokerage. We are a great company in an exciting industry with a very bright future.

As an introduction to Real Taxi Brokerage let me describe our key strengths and strategies. These are the things that make us special the foundation upon which our business relationships are based. Our first and most important goal and strength is to provide distinctive value to our customers. Every day we strive to be the best in delivering quality service that meets or exceeds our customers.

With many years of experience specializing in passenger transportation insurance, we understand the specific insurance needs that are vital to limousine and taxi companies.

Our strong relationships with the various carriers that insure these risks give us the group buying power to offer your business the most comprehensive insurance and risk management program at the most cost-effective rates.

As experienced professionals in our field, we understand the unique nature of your business and the risk exposures it faces on a daily basis. We work with a large number of passenger transportation companies throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

CEO – Gisella Albujar